Flexbox Website Design Video Course

Course in which you quickly learn how to create a suitable design for your company's website. For beginners and advanced users.

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Simplify Your Website Design

Know-how, to create a suitable website design

Creating a web design can become a time consuming and complex matter.

Therefore, some time ago, I developed a method to change that. Now you can benefit from this as well.

In this course, you will get instructions how to create a website design for your company within a short time.

The website design is compatible with modern browsers of PCs, tablets and smartphones**.

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From the Method to the Course

Although the website design was faster to create after using this method, an important part was still missing. The design should be easily be realized, even for beginners. To accomplish that I use a modern web design technique - flexbox. With a particular implementation, flexbox can fulfill this additional part. Thus the website design course has become what it is now.

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Flexbox Website Design Video Course

A website design for your company's online presence

Practical Video Course

The course shows you how to develop a flexbox website design starting from a basic page.

In the videos you will learn about flexbox and the method. You will get a lot of practical tips; what to look out for, how to create the design and the website freely in different ways.

Eleven compact videos show you step by step the essentials in a time-saving way. The video course contains a total of 75 minutes of concentrated insider know-how.

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Grafik: Flexbox Website Design Video Course
Flexbox Website Design Video Course

Hello, my name is Iris

I run an online business and have a master's degree in computer science. - On this page you will find a solution how to set up your own website by creating a suitable website design. Accomplish this with easy to get tools that even professionals use.

This solution was developed for small entre­pre­neurs, start-ups and companies. It helps you to reduce your efforts and costs for online business.

Bonus 1 : Flexbox CSS Framework and Code

You will receive a flexbox CSS framework created exclusively for the course and the code presented in the videos.

The compact CSS framework simplifies the use of the languages HTML and CSS. You can use it to design your homepage to suit your needs. Discover the "power" of flexbox with "live" video examples.

Graphic: Code and CSS framework
Languages and CSS Framework
Graphic: Ebook
Website Design Ebook

Bonus 2: E-Handbook

The e-handbook is used to complement the videos. You get knowledge relevant to the design. If you want to go into more detail, there are hints.

A wide range of topics will be covered shortly: flexbox, the principles of homepage design and the languages. You will learn how to proceed methodically and how to use design patterns again and again.

Questions & Answers

The Flexbox Website Design Video Course has all the elements to create and design the presented website design. You will have the know-how to integrate your company's own content. This includes for example texts, pictures or photos.

The videos show you how to create a website design. The design contains often used, flexible elements: a navigation, the header, the main part with different design patterns and a footer. By watching the videos, you will know how to apply them to suit your needs.

The focus of the course is the website design. The languages, HTML and CSS, are introduced. But only as much as it is useful for creating the design. The CSS framework simplifies the use of the languages and thus saves a lot of time.

The tools used in the course are open source, free of charge and available online. In addition, there are further recommendations as to which tools may be utilized for other purposes.

Through the presented method in combination with the CSS framework, you will be able to create the layout of the design and certain design patterns. You can use these patterns to structure the pages and content of your website as needed.

The flexbox model, short flexbox, is a new way to develop the web design. With the included framework and the instructions in this course, you are able to simplify the creation of the website design. The model is supported by all modern browsers now.**

There will be a link to the page containing the course components in the email. You will then be able to download or view the different components of the course. So you are free to download the code and videos or read the e-handbook in your browser.

I am convinced that the Flexbox Homepage Design Video Course will work for you, too. Nevertheless, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. So you have no risk when buying the video course. You will find the same time frame on the order page.

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** The Flexbox model is supported by all modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome Browser, Chromium, MS Edge, Safari.