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Online Business Clear and Powerful

There is no doubt that your business will be influenced by the current situation.

If you believe in your enterprise, you are going to change things accordingly.

One of those things is your marketing. You will reduce the complexity, do more yourself, to enlarge the radius of your decision-making.

My products and tips are there to help pave a new way for you. They have been developed to make your online business simpler and more independent.

Their focus is on the essentials.

I have selected the tools and methods carefully. Some of them I use myself for quite some years.

Personal Consulting for You

Just now personal consulting may be useful for you.

You will benefit from my business experience with companies from different branches and from my numerous personal experiences.

To book a consultation, check a particular product. You may also directly contact me for an appointment.

The World

Many of us wish for better world. To do so requires each of us to take action.

From the business perspective, it means using the available resources carefully. For example, I utilize a web server with green energy, from renewable sources, for the web sites.

Part of the income from the business goes to selected projects for people, animals or the environment.

More About Me

My name is Iris Mitlacher. I run an online business and I have a Master's degree in computer science (Master of Computer Science, California State University, Chico, CA, USA).

During and after my graduation I worked as a Software Developer/ Designer until starting my business.

For over ten years now, I help companies to develop the skills to create an online business mostly on their own..

Beyond the professional calling I spend my time with my loved ones, practicing Tai Chi Qigong.