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More About Me and My Business

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Online Marketing Clear and Powerful

First of all, the products and other services have been created for entrepreneurs or companies.

They are made for effective online marketing. This involves the development of products or solutions to simplify the online marketing as much as possible.

The focus is on the essentials. However, the complexity necessary for successful marketing will remain.

I have selected the tools and instruments carefully. Some of them I use myself for quite some years.

Personal Consulting for You

With the exception of some examples, most online products that you see on this site do not focus on a certain industry.

The products and other services contain my consulting experiences with different companies.

For the last few years, I have focused on vegan and organic companies and their products. There is a German online blog about the vegan lifestyle.

People, Animals and the Environment

Each of us can help to balance this world and it's environment.

From the business perspective, it means using the available resources carefully. For example, I utilize a web server with green energy, from renewable sources, for the web sites.

Part of the income from the business goes to projects for people, animals or the environment.

More About Me

My name is Iris Mitlacher. I do online marketing and I am a computer scientist (Master of Computer Science, California State University, Chico, CA, USA).

During and after my graduation I worked as a Software Developer/ Designer until starting my business.

Even after ten years, I keep on discovering new ways of marketing. It is my passion to enable companies to use online marketing successfully.

I spend my free time with my loved ones, practicing Tai Chi Qigong and researching other sciences.