Online Marketing With a Plan

Get a free checklist to help you with planing the construction of your site online.

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Doing Online Business Yourself

Smart solutions for clarity, creating freedom. Your online presence reflects your products and your company.

Tested tools and refined methods that you can utilize to improve your online business today.

Online marketing training with practical e-books, code and videos. Look for tips on this website.

Profess­ional consulting, when you want to reach your goals quickly or achieve more with less effort..

Tools, Methods and Courses

Get to know powerful tools, that give you the extra boost for your online business.

Through practical courses, you receive as much know-how as you need at the moment. Profit from plenty additional tips. You can save yourself unnecessary detours and build a solid foundation.

This way you are free to focus on the essentials - your online business and it's instruments.

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Ebooks, training and videos
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Optimization, target groups and further themes

Consulting, to get even further

You are doing marketing for your company and your products online. Depending on you situation, you will have questions.

Many of the answers you will find in the products offered by me. All further questions probably need individual consideration. For example, questions concerning the optimization of your marketing for your company.

Some products include a consultation. Use those or contact me through the contact form on this site.

Hello, my Name is Iris

I run an online business and I'm a computer scientist. - Here you will find solutions, how to manage your online business yourself or within your company.

The solutions were developed for entrepreneurs, startups and companies. They help to reduce the effort for your online business.

The tools used in the trainings / products, I have selected for their flexibility. Each of them need, if necessary, very little maintenance.

Know-how For Your Online Business

Practical training articles with online business tips, shortcuts and more ...